Spartan Chemical: Consume liq liquid wastewater treatment.

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Consume liq liquid wastewater treatment.

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Consume LIQ

Consume LIQ Wastewater treatment is a blend of selectively adapted microorganisms specifically designed for waste water applications. Non-Toxic. Non-Acid. Non-Alkaline. Contains non-pathogenic bacteria. Certified Salmonella Free!

Consume LIQ provides these benefits:

  • Improved treatment system stability.
  • Reduction of effluent BOD, FOG, & TSS through increased organic removal rates
  • Improved settling in final clarifiers
  • Sludge volume reduction
  • Seed for system start up or recovery from toxic shocks
  • Increased cold weather activity
  • Minimum of 800 billion bacteria per gallon

Directions for Use:

Some individuals may be sensitive to ingredients in this product. Before use, read product label and MSD sheet. If questions remain, consult your employer or a physician.

Trickling Filters:

Initial Treatment: 6 to 10 gallons/million gallons of daily flow

Second Treatment: (48 hours later) same as initial


3 Gallons/million gallons of daily flow added weekly


First week: add 1 gallon per 1,000 cu. Ft. of capacity to the inlet pump. Maintenance: 1 gallon per 6,500 cu. Ft. per week.

Septic Tanks:

Commercial or Industrial: Add 1 gallon per 500 gal. Capacity for the first and second week. Maintenance: one gallon monthly. Drain Fields: add 5 gallons directly to the junction box. Maintenance: one gallon monthly.

Grease Interceptor/Trap: 6 Gallons/1,500 gallon capacity. Maintenance: 32oz. daily/1,500 gallon capacity

Lagoons: Initial Treatment:

Use 1 gallon of Consume LIQ Wastewater Treatment for each 10,000 gallons of daily flow for first two weeks. Add directly to the basin outlet. Maintenance: add ½ gallon daily for each 10,000 gallons daily flow.


CONSUME LIQ Liquid wastewater treatment.


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■ Can treat Lagoons

■ Designed for Wastewater Applications

■ Sludge volume reduction

■ Used as a grease interceptor/trap

Category:Cleaners & Detergents

Mfr#: 3102-5GAL

Brand: Spartan Chemical

Brand Spartan Chemical

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